Lucido Fine Jewelry Rolex Showroom Panorama

The Lucido Fine Jewelry difference


Within each of our showrooms throughout Southeastern Michigan, Rolex and Lucido Fine Jewelry have created exclusive vignettes in which clients can experience the iconic Rolex style. We invite you to visit the showroom of your choice and speak with one of our experts to begin your journey toward owning the world’s finest timepiece.

Lucido Fine Jewelry Birmingham - Rolex Showroom
Lucido Fine Jewelry Birmingham - Rolex Showroom


While the stunning beauty of Rolex watches can be admired in photographs, nothing compares to experiencing these exquisite timepieces in person. It is here that the true genius of Rolex is revealed. The weight; the balance; the brilliance of each hand-crafted detail. These are the qualities that make Rolex renowned throughout the world.


At each Lucido showroom, our highly-trained Rolex experts are ready to guide you through the numerous options, features, and elements that distinguish Rolex watches from all others. It is our privilege—and our passion—to connect you with a timepiece that you will love for a lifetime.

Lucido Fine Jewelry Birmingham - Rolex Showroom


The showroom occupies a prime corner of real estate in the chic downtown shopping district, where discerning clients seek out the unmatched quality and precision of Rolex watches.


Opened in 2006 and renovated in 2020, this showroom brings the exclusive Rolex experience—and beautiful Rolex signage—to Main Street’s bustling downtown.

Lucido Fine Jewelry Rochester - Rolex Showroom
Lucido Fine Jewelry Rolex Experience


The standalone flagship store continues the tradition of extraordinary service, featuring an Official Rolex Service Center to care for and maintain customers’ Rolex timepieces for life.


We believe that excellence knows no boundaries. All visitors to our Lucido Fine Jewelry showrooms can be assured of an always friendly—never fussy—shopping experience. We delight in helping each customer feel cared for, confident, and connected to the information they need to make the purchase of a lifetime. We look forward to serving you.